Mathabhanga College

Accredited by NAAC

Governing Body :

The Present Governing Body (from 23/11/2016) consists of the following members :

1. Sri Bimal Chandra Barman, President, Govt. Nominee

2. Sri Rebati Mohan Roy, Teacher-in-Charge

3. Sri Biswajit Roy, Univ. Nominee

4. Sri Sahadeb Roy, Univ. Nominee

5. Dr. Dipanjan Chakraborty, Univ. Nominee

6. Dr. Shyam Kr. Jha, Teachers' Representative

7. Dr. Amit Kundu, Teachers' Representative

8. Sri Manoj Majumdar, Teachers' Representative

9. Sri Animesh Pal, Non-Teaching Staff Representative

10. Nur Islam, Non-Teaching Staff Representative

 11. Rahul Rahaman, G. S., Students' Union