Dr. Santanu Chakravorty Notes and Video Tutorial


Dr. Santanu Chakravorty, PhD, Assitant Professor



Dr. Santanu Chakravorty, Assistant Professor of Mathabhanga College has more than 4.9 years of experience in teaching Field. His subject of interest is Organic Chemistry. Prior to join in this institution he served as a Senior Research Scientist in TCG Life Sciences, Kolkata and has more than twelve years of experience in synthetic organic field. His Post-doctoral work consists of various long route syntheses of biological important target materials impaling Cu-catalyst click chemistry as the key step. His Ph.D. works consists mainly synthesized five, six, and seven, eight member heterocycles through palladium, ruthenium, cu, gold, mediated cyclization and synthesis of liquid crystalline materials through different synthetic pathway. He has 26 publications overall and 2-3 is in queue for publication.


Notes for UG Chemistry Students

Polymer Chemistry   Industrial CHemistry

Pericyclic   Analytical Chemistry

UV Spectra  Streochemistry

IR Spectra   Pharmaceutical Chemistry

NMR Spectra   Carbonyl Chemistry

Heterocycles  Nitrogen Chemistry 

Carbohydrates   Organometallics 

Aminoacids and Proteins Acid and ester Hydrolysis  2nd Sem Organic Practical

Hydrocarbons  Aromatic Electrophilic SR Organic Practical for SEM-1

Video Lectures:

Green Chemistry Tutorial on Basic Principles 


Photochemistry         Protection and Deprotection

Radical Reactions     19F and 31P Spectra









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