Dr. Sulagna Dutta, Ph D, Assistant Professor



Dr. Sulagna Dutta, Assistant Professor of Physics, Mathabhanga College, is a frontline researcher in the area of spectroscopy and non linear optics has more than 12 years of research experience and 10 years of teaching experiences. She is a theoritical physicist who loves teaching with passion and also proficient in providing leadership to form a good enviornment in depertment. Having a leadership experience as Head of the  Department of Physics, Mathabhanga College,  She ia a person with coherenr expertise of academics and administration. 

Her research interests mainly focous on Lasing without Population Inversion (LWI), Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT) and Negative Refractive Index. She has publisehed 16 peer review research articles in reputed international journals and also presented her work in various national and international conferences.

UG Physics Notes of Dr. Sulagna Dutta

Laser The Magnetic  Properties of Matter

Black Body Radiation Electrice Field (DPM)

Osillation (SHM)  Damped Vibration 

Forced Vibration (Os)  Galilean Transformation (CM)

Motion Under central Force (CM) Special Theory of Relativity

Video Tutorial of Dr. Sulagna Dutta on Damped Vibration

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