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About the Department:

Department of History was started in the year 1969 i.e. With the foundation of the college. The Department has its good records in respect of the results of the students, placement of the students and career building. Since its very inception, many students have studied history and they have got jobs in the academic field and also in the private sector.

The Department organizes seminar and viva-voce  for the students in connection with Internal Assessment. Test exams are also taken by the Department. The faculty members take the classes very sincerely with power point presentation. The Department organizes educational tours or excursion for the honors students regularly to visit a particular historical place. The students of the Department participate annual sports, Intra College Cricket Tournament, Bad Minton Tournament, Foot Ball Tournament and Athletics.

Meaning of History: The word History has been coming from the Greek word history, which means ‘inquiry, knowledge and investigation’. History  is the study and the documentation of the past. According to Marc Bloc, “History is a science of man in time”. J.B. Bury has remarked that “History is simply a science, no less and no more”. Lord Acton has remarked that “History is the unfolding story of human freedom”. To E.H.Carr, “History is a continuous process of interaction between the historian and his facts, an unending dialogue between the present and the past”. History is an important branch of the social sciences. History focusses the past.

Programme Outcome

The Bachelor of Arts in History is a broad- based programme that has specific goals, including: engaging the mind and imagination of those who study history; introducing students to worlds, times, places and cultures including their own in a way that they have never thought before

Programme Specific Outcomes:

  • nderstand the present existing social, political, religious and economic conditions of the people.
  •  Analyze relationship between the past and the present is lively presented in the history.
  •  Develop practical skills helpful in the study and understanding of historical events.
  • .Develop interests in the study of history and activities relating to history.
  • History installs the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of the pupils.

 Course Outcomes

  • To create interest towards the cultural and historical background of India.
  • To understand the various historical incidents and to help students for preparing competitive examination.
  •  To help the students to identify and evaluate conflicting interpretations.
  •  It inspires the students through bravery and courage of our forefather.
  • It inculcates critical thinking, reading, writing and research skills among students.

Faculty Details:

Dr. Fulchan Barman (HOD)

2014-TILLDATE: Assistant Professor in History at Mathabhanga College  

2021: Ph.D. Coochbehar Panchanan Barma University (Area of Interest: Intellectual History, Regional History & Cultural History)

2009: MA, North Bengal University (Specialization: Modern Indian History)

Biodata of Dr. Fuchan Barman

Prof. Topgyal Zimba

2016-TILLDATE: Assistant Professor in History at Mathabhanga College  

2016: M.Phil University of Calcutta (Dissertation title: Darjeeling and the Trans Himalayan Trade (1850-1900)

2013: MA, North Bengal University (Specialization: Modern Indian History)

Biodata of Prof. Topgyal Zimba

Ajizul Hoque

2020-TILLDATE: SACT-I Teacher in History at Mathabhanga College 

2011-2020: Guest Teacher in History at Mathabhanga College  

2007: MA, C.S.J.M.U (UP)

Biodata of Ajizul Hoque

Smt. Tapasi Barman

2020-TILLDATE: SACT-II Teacher in History at Mathabhanga College 

2013-2020: Guest Teacher in History at Mathabhanga College  

2011: MA, Jadavpur University (Economic History of Modern India)

Biodata of Smt Tapasi Barman

Smt Binodini Barman

2020-TILLDATE: SACT-II Teacher in History at Mathabhanga College 

2014-2020: Guest Teacher in History at Mathabhanga College  

2012: MA, North Bengal University (Medieval Indian History)

Biodata of Smt. Binodini Barman

Sri. Ananta Barman

2020-TILLDATE: SACT-I Teacher in History at Mathabhanga College 

2018-2020: Guest Teacher in History at Mathabhanga College  

2016: MA, North Bengal University 

Biodata of Sri Ananta Barman

Routine and Teaching plan:

The Department follows the course guidelines and syllabus as given by the Coochbehar Panchanan Barma University. The department teachers distribute amongst themselves the various topics given in the course syllabus.

Click here to download Teaching Plan

History Routine

Parent-Teacher Meet: Parent-teacher Meeting is one of the important activities of any college. PTM is a great opportunity for both the teacher and parents to work for the betterment of the students. PTM is held in violation of an academic and non- academic performance of the student. It helps to know and work for the students' performance. The Department organizes ‘Parent-Teacher Meeting’ regularly to share the activities of the Department and always acknowledge the parent feedback.

Report of Parent-Teacher meeting

Activities of the students: Department of History, Mathabhanga College, organize  fresher’s every year. The main aim of this program is to give a warm welcome to the new comers. Such programs not only build their confidence but also add creativity to their levels. It is accompanied by so many colorful events and programs like  traditional dances, exhilarating singing performances, and splendid decoration, thus making it a soulful evening. Department Students also arrange Teachers day program every year. Teachers share their valuable knowledge and students grab them enthusiastically. Some pictures are attached below:

Activity Pictures

Excursion: The Department organizes the educational excursion for the students to understand the history by visiting a particular historical place. The different historical places are chosen as a site of excursion by the Department. The students of the History Departments have visited the historical sites of Rajpat and Kameteswari Temple of Gosanimari under the supervision of Prof. Fulchan Barman, the Head of the Department on 24th February 2018 to get a piece of knowledge about our past. 

Detail Reports of Excursion

Seminar & Special Lecture: The Department organizes the seminar and a special lecture by the resource person.


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