The Physics Department of the Mathabhanga College was established in 1994. Honours course introduce a few years later in 2003.  The Department has had rich teaching traditions since its inception. Eminent personalities who at some point in time were the faculty member of the Department are Prof. Jagabandhu Mandal, Dr Koyel Chakraborty, Dr Dibakar Dutta etc. Presently there are 3 Professors, 3 SACT Teachers in the Department.

The Department offers six semesters’ undergraduate B. Sc. (Hons.) courses. The choice-based credit system (CBCS) has been implemented. The intake for the undergraduate programmes is 25.


Programme Outcome

Physics is the natural science that studies matter, its fundamental constituents, its motion and behavior through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force. Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves.

  • Physics deals with a wide variety of systems, certain theories are used by all physicists. Each of these theories were experimentally tested numerous times and found to be an adequate approximation of nature.  
  • Physics uses mathematics to organize and formulate experimental results and from· which new predictions can be made.  
  • The results from physics experiments are numerical measurements. Technologies· based on mathematics, made computational physics as active area of research.

Programme Specific Outcome  

  • The theory of classical mechanics accurately describes the motion of objects, provided they are much larger than atoms and moving at much less than the speed of light.  
  • To provide the detail study of atom and the behavior of atom in various states.

Course Outcomes  

  • The students will demonstrate a scientific knowledge of the core physics principles in Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Modern Physics and Optics
  • The student will determine the appropriate level of technology for use in experimental design and implementation, analysis of experimental data and numerical and mathematical methods in problem solutions  
  • The students will demonstrate a purposeful knowledge of scientific literature and ethical issues related to physics  
  • The students will effectively communicate their knowledge of physics from basic concepts to specific detailed presentations through a variety of oral, written and computational modalities
  • To acquire the basic knowledge of mechanics, properties of matter and gravitation
  • Learn motion of bodies and sound waves, Electric and Magnetic Properties of Matter and Thermal Physics, Digital System and Application
  • To inspire interest for the knowledge of concepts in physical and geometrical physics


Teachers Profile:

Dr Sulagna Dutta:

2015-TILL DATE: Assistant professor in Physics at Mathabhanga College
2011-2015: Working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, Adamas Institute of Technology, Barasat, Kolkata,
2009-2011: Research Associate in the Spectroscopy Department, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata
2009: PhD Jadavpur University, Thesis: Theoretical study of the effect of dynamically induced coherence and spontaneously generated coherence on nonlinear processes
2001 : MSc: Department of Physics, Calcutta University

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Dr Rashidul Islam:

2020-TILL DATE: Assistant professor in Physics at Mathabhanga College
2016-2019: Research Associate, IIT Guwahati,
2015-2016: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calcutta
2015: PhD Delhi University, Thesis: Constraints on New Physics in the Higgs and Top Sector
2007 : MSc: S N Bose National Center for Basic Science, WBUT

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Smt. Neelam Roy:

2021-TILL DATE: Assistant professor in Physics at Mathabhanga College
2018-2021: Assistant professor in Physics at Rammohan College, Kolkata
2012: MSc: University of North Bengal

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Sri. Anirban Sarkar:

2018-TILL DATE: SACT teacher in Physics at Mathabhanga College
2017: MSc: University of North Bengal

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Samser Doha Ahmed:

2018-TILL DATE: SACT teacher in Physics at Mathabhanga College
2017: MSc: Assam University

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Eya Hannan:

2019-TILL DATE: SACT teacher in Physics at Mathabhanga College
2017: Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim

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Departmental Activities

Teaching Plan

Students are requested to download a comprehensive write-up of the step-by-step teaching methods, the estimated duration of each segment of teaching, and the materials and resources needed for the session by clicking the link below:

Teaching Plan

Class Routine (online classes schedule)

Students are requested to download the online class routine by clicking here:

Class Routine

Internal Examination

Department of Physics organizes internal evaluation examinations regularly to check the progress of students. Question papers of recent conceded internal examinations are attached below:

Question Paper


Parents Teacher meeting

The Physics Department has organized a Parents teacher meeting on Wednesday, 28th July 2021in the online platform at 700 pm. Total 21 parents have attended the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to create a common platform to discuss different issues related to students with their Parents. A detailed report is attached below:

PTM reports

Seminar Arrangement:

Department of Physics, Mathabhanga College has organized a special lecture on Particle Physics Experiments: present and future", on the 6th of March 2020. In the presence of Dr Manoj Majumder, the Teacher-in-Charge (TIC) of the Mathabhanga College, the programme was inaugurated by Mr Jitin Jadav, the honourable SDO of Mathabhanga and the administrator of the college. On this occasion, both Mr Jadav and Dr Majumder presented their thoughts and visions on the college in front of a large gathering of students, teachers and non-teaching staff. After the inauguration ceremony, Prof. Dutta and Prof. Sarkar presented a very lucid and interactive presentation in front of the audience consisting largely of the undergraduate physics students of the Mathabhanga College and some other nearby colleges of the Cooch Behar district.

Details report is attached below:

Report link

A national webinar on "Basic Understanding of Science" Organized by Department of Physics and Chemistry in Collaboration with IQAC Mathabhanga College was held on 12th January 2022. Twenty one speakers participated in the webinar among them six are invited and the rest are faculties and students from the Department of Physics and Chemistry. Click here for the reports

Student Extra Curriculum Activity

Awareness Programme on the Prevention and Spread of COVID:

In the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus globally and to secure all from its attack, an Awareness Programme on the Prevention and Spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) was organized by the Department of Physics, Mathabhanga College on 17th November 2021. Details report is attached below:

Report link

Teacher Days Celebration

In India, Teacher Days is celebrated on September 5 to mark the birthday of former President, scholar, philosopher, and Bharat Ratna recipient, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Across India, students honour and pay tribute to their teachers by sending Teachers Day greetings, quotes, messages, etc. Physics Departmental Students have arranged the program on the online mode for the last two years due to Corona Pandemic. Reports of previous years Teacher day celebration is attached below:

Report link






Fresher welcome ceromony

Students of First Year (batch: 2021-22)-BSc (Phys) was warmly welcomed by seniors in the afternoon of 25th February 2022. The program was started with lightening of lamp and wonderful lecture by Teacher in Charge Mathabhanga College, Dr. Sulagna Dutta. The anchor of the programme Suprita Paul then invited Payel Roy and Ms. Jhumur Barman to perform their inaugural dance. HOD and the Class teachers of the department cut the cake which was followed by eliminating lecture by HOD Dr. Rashidul Islam. The class hall room was decorated nicely for this special day celebration.

Freshers along with the seniors got a chance to show their talent by dancing and singing. Later small games were organized to make the function more interesting and fun.


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